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Check out the reason behind the two nicknames of Virat Kohli - King Kohli and Super V. Choose the best nickname among the two!

King Kohli Or Super V: Which Is Virat Kohli’s Best Nickname?

Virat Kohli, the Indian cricketer is currently leading the Indian national cricket team as its captain. Virat is admired by the entire world for making records after records with his excellent skills. Virat Kohli has received a lot of love and support from his fans. The right-handed top-order batsman has got a great amount of support and appreciation from his teammates and family. Virat is close to them and is also called by various nicknames. Just like other cricketers, Virat has also got few nicknames for love and his performance. Virat is popularly called by the name “Chiku” / “Cheeku”, which was originally called by the former captain, MS Dhoni. Later, his other teammates started calling him with the name, and later it became famous. But there are few more nicknames, like King Kohli and Super V.

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The name “King Kohli” was given by Kunal Gandhi, a fan of him for his amazing batting skills. Virat is undoubtedly a legendary cricketer who has made everyone amazed with his skills. The Indian captain is also known by the nickname, ‘Super V’. Virat Kohli got the nickname ‘Super V’ from the cartoon show named Super V, where the lead character is shaped and named after Virat Kohli.

Virat has got many more nicknames. Whatsoever be the nickname, Virat is loved by his fans and will be forever. What is the best suitable nickname for Virat Kohli? ‘King Kohli’ or ‘Super V’? Comment down below and let us know!

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