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Check out Sachin Tendulkar and why 99 is his favorite score!

Sachin Tendulkar And His Favorite Score 99

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, the former captain of the Indian Cricket team is the greatest batsman of all time. The player was given the tag of ‘chase-master’ worldwide. He was the first batsman to score a double century in a single ODI (One Day International). The player scored 5490 runs in his entire lifetime. Sachin broke many records ever since his very first day at the cricket. He was super talented and made into international cricket at the age of 17.

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The Master Blaster was also known for scoring centuries, but he failed in margins many times. Sachin has failed to pass the nervous nineties 27 times, in all three international formats throughout his career. And from 27, got knocked out at 99th run for 10 times. It really hurts when you fail at the margin line. The feeling is experienced by him so many times in the international field. Sachin holds the highest number of unlucky dismissals in all formats at the international level. It was really hurtful for many fans and him, especially.

Many blamed him for getting knocked out at 99. But they never realized Sachin was the man who scored a number high run rate, which resulted in the team’s win several times. He is the only man in the entire international cricket history to score one hundred international centuries. The day March 16, 2012, will be remembered forever when he scored his 100th international century at Test.

Although, Sachin dispersed at 99th run 10 times. It always motivated him to better and thus, he set the record of one hundred international centuries.

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