MS Dhoni, the former Indian captain, is unrivaled in terms of popularity. He is a huge fan favorite in India, where he is revered as a demi-god. People are especially inquisitive about Dhoni’s personal life because he is rarely active on social networking sites.

Any photo or video of the former Indian captain immediately goes viral on social media, and a photo posted on his daughter Ziva’s official Instagram account did the same. Dhoni is the proud father to Ziva Singh Dhoni, who is five years old.

Ziva’s Instagram account revealed two sweet photos of the father and daughter duo spending quality time together. In the photo, Dhoni is seen holding his daughter and sharing a heartfelt hug against a beautiful backdrop. The Instagram post rapidly went popular on social media, with netizens showering affection in the form of likes and comments on the photos.

MS Dhoni is recognized for his fondness for horses, and his daughter Ziva Singh Dhoni was photographed with one on Instagram. Ziva’s account is run by her parents, and the most recent post shows Ziva riding a horse. With the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021 season being postponed indefinitely, former India captain MS Dhoni has been spending time with his family, and his wife has been keeping fans updated via her Instagram account.