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The great player, Virat Kohli has created a lot of controversies, apart from making centuries. Check them out!

The Top Controversies Of Virat Kohli’s Life

Virat Kohli is one of the fastest emerging cricketers of all time. Virat has led the Indian Cricket team ahead. He has bound the team together and has made it a dominant team in the world. Despite his outstanding skills as a batsman and a captain, Virat is also famous for his aggressive and fiery attitude sometimes. He has been stuck in many controversies in his lifetime. He lost his cool temper in many matches, and press conferences.

Here are some of his top two controversies that made headlines a lot of times.

1. Recently in the T20 Test series match with New Zealand, the Captain was seen yelling at a batsman in the middle of the field. In the next press conference when he was asked about the incident, he bashed the reporter back. He said, “You can’t come here with half-questions and half-details of what happened. And also, if you want to create controversy, this is not the right place to do.” He cleared that the referee had no issues with it.

2. Well, everyone is well known about the Virat-Anushka controversies. The player has been asked a lot of questions regarding their relationship. Anushka has been really supportive as a wife. But, Virat loses his mind when something comes up against his love. Once he brought Anushka in the pavilion during IPL 2015. But no one other than the players and the official members of BCCI/ICC are only allowed into the pavilion. Virat was later warned by the board, which created a huge controversy at that time.

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