See the adorable fan moments of Virat Kohli in the video!

Watch Video: Adorable Fan Moments Of Virat Kohli

It’s not just the Bollywood or the Hollywood stars who have got a lot of fans. Athletes have a huge fanbase. Talking about a cricket tournament, it is totally incomplete without the support and the love of the fans, and their cheer from the stadium galleries. The Indian cricket captain, Virat Kohli has received a lot of support from his Indian fans, throughout all these years. If one looks at the galleries during India’s match, you will find many fans cheering him up with placards, and shouting his name. The love he has got, is all because of his excellency in the field.

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Virat is known for his aggressive behavior in the fields, but that is not the same with his fans. He has always been nice to his fans. Be it a young kid, or an old man, he has always treated them well. His fans are really crazy about him. Once in a video he was seen giving autographs to some of his young fans, and one of them was wearing Mumbai Indians (MI) jersey. When it was asked by another person about his favorite IPL team, he cutely answered Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). Virat loves kids, and he never denied to show them love by approaching them, clicking selfies, and giving autographs to them.

Here we have got a series of adorable fan moments in a video. Watch these adorable fan moments of Virat Kohli in the video!

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