Being a captain of a team is not an easy task since you have to focus on your game and also look after your team. A captain especially feels the pressure to perform being a captain which makes it even harder. Even with that pressure, Ajinkya Rahane scored a century and also made some good decisions on the field with bowling. He backed the new bowler, Siraj and overlooked his mistakes which gave him time to get settled.

Rahane was calm and made sure that every one of the team was calm as well. Virat is more of an aggressive type and likes his team to be aggressive on the field. He prefers everyone to be very energetic and cheerful in the field. There is no doubt that Virat was groomed to be a captain and hence he is a perfect captain. Along with his captainship, he is also the best batsman in all formats throughout the world. Hence comparing Rahane’s captaincy with Virat’s is not something ideal to do.

Rahane is a brilliant batsman by himself and given how he handled the job of a captain in the second test match, he sure is capable of doing it.