Virat Kohli and Hardik Pandya’s amazing on-field moments are in display.

Best On-Field Moments Of Virat Kohli And Hardik Pandya Together That Will Bring A Smile On Your Face

Virat Kohli the Indian Skipper and prolific batsman leads as a true leader. His leadership and aggressive display on the field inspires his men to be on top of the game. Virat as a Captain shares a great rapport with everyone in his team. A true mentor and friend, he is the guiding force for all. However, his rapport with co-cricketer Hardik Pandya both on and off the field is exemplary.

We can say that their attitudes match, as Virat and Hardik have a very aggressive mindset and have the flair to dominate the game.

Well, their on-field banter and cute talk have caught the attention of many cricket lovers.

And today we are inspired by the same.

So here we have them taking the limelight together.

They engage in the deepest of thoughts and talks on field. They can also share a cool light moment together. They know to rejoice together on field.

Their rapport is something to watch out for!!

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