The Indian cricket team is a family far away from home. Here is a bunch of fun moments of the Indian cricket team

Best Post Match Fun Moments of Indian Cricket Team

The Indian Cricket Team has gone through many ups and downs throughout their journey but they always make the most of the moment. Winning or losing hasn’t been the key moment of their cricket, the fun the team has, be it in the dressing room or the field, makes one think they are a family. The team is united and will always be there for each other. They got each other’s back on and off the field.

Their post-match fun moments are iconic. With the fuming Virat Kohli swearing or the mic of the cricketers being on by mistake, it is quite hilarious to watch the match. Not only the IPL season but throughout the year, the team is in the spotlight for their reactions post-match.

From the memes on social media of the after-match on social media, the Indian cricket team is always in the spotlight. Rohit Sharma is the king of post-match press meets. His hilarious one-liners during press meets are iconic. Known for his humor, he always knows how to impress his fans.

Virat Kohli, the King of cricket is always known for his killer smile at the end of every match, his press meets are always fun. After every match, the team hugs it out. Through dejection or ugly spats, they always stick together as one.

The Indian cricket team dance on the field during victory and few iconic moments would be Sachin’s last match on the field. Virat’s groovy moves with his crew on the field. The team always knows to make a statement on and off the field.

The team knows how to show their moves of victory on the field. The family is ready to always get their game face on during the match and bring their Indian dance moves after.

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