Know more about Virat Kohli's charge per Instagram post

Do you know how much Virat Kohli charges per Instagram post? You will be shocked

Virat Kohli is a modern-day legend and given the way he has carried the burden of the entire Indian team on his shoulders and effectively over the last few years, cricket lovers all across the globe are convinced about the fact that Virat Kohli’s best is yet to come. He’s one of the biggest social media ambassadors and has a mammoth fan following on Instagram with over 80M followers. No wonder, he’s a raging sensation and also one of the biggest influencers in the business.

But all you influencer marketers out there, are you aware of the money you need to shell out from your pockets of you want to rope in Virat Kohli for a social media marketing campaign? Do you know how much he charges per post?

Well, as per reports in, Virat Kohli charges a whopping Rs 1.35 crores for every sponsored post on Instagram. Now that’s huge money ain’t it? For more updates, stay tuned to

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