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The captain cool has always been supportive of the young talent and helped them shine…

Mahendra Singh Dhoni: The Goldsmith Who Moulds Young Cricketers Into Jewels

Lovingly called as Mahi, this famous cricketer is the only captain in the world of cricket to win all three ICC trophies. He is one of the most remarkable people on the face of the earth and it does no harm to say that he is quite amazing as a person too. He is really much of a calm person and many people just know that much about him. MS Dhoni has been instrumental in moulding the win oriented young talent.

MS Dhoni always kept his team first and moulded himself according to the need of the hour. But that didn’t deter him from giving new talent a chance. If fans have to thank Kohli for his services to Indian cricket today, they should thank Dhoni first. MSD had immense faith in Kohli’s abilities since the onset. Even when Kohli was struggling with his temperament and consistency, it was Dhoni who backed him and Kohli has been vocal about it quite often. Another example is the mighty Rohit Sharma. When Rohit was struggling as a middle-order batsman, a word of advice from his captain worked wonders. On Dhoni’s suggestion, Rohit took up the opening spot and the rest is history. Under Dhoni’s wings, Jadeja’s transformation from a hot-headed raw talent to become the world’s number one bowler and all-rounder in Tests was quite remarkable. From giving tips on how to finish an innings on a high to let him be in his initial days with the team, Hardik is forever indebted to Dhoni. “If MS was not there, it would have been a different story with my life,” Hardik once said. MS Dhoni showed ultimate belief in Bumrah to bowl the last overs and we know the outcome. These are just a few examples. MS Dhoni has been an exemplary leader who took the responsibility when defeated and let the youngsters be in the limelight after a win.

India was indeed lucky to have such a leader lead the team!

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