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If you want to know, why Virat Kohli is the No.1 ranked batsman, then you should give a read to it now!

What Makes Virat Kohli The No. 1 Ranked Batsman In All Formats?

Virat Kohli, a grand batsman, and a supreme leader, the Indian batsman has proven to be a true successor of Sachin Tendulkar in the history of Indian cricket. Whether it is tests, ODIs or T20s this man is always on fire. Known for aggressive play style and explosive emotions during the games, he is truly a visual treat to watch. Starting from his crisp and accurate cover drives to sweeps this man brings it all on the table. Evident from his stats, scoring 7,202 runs in just 84 matches with a phenomenal batting average of 54.97 is just outstanding for any player in the international circuit.

As the times are moving ahead, he is just getting better with time playing sensible and match-winning knocks for the team. His ability to shun the fear into the heads of the bowler with his fiery batting is a great quality in him. His captaincy has been under doubt as his record with team India is astonishingly good but his IPL team Royal Challengers Bangalore hasn’t found much success as he is yet to find an IPL Trophy for him. Although his individual performances were as good as they can be the collective teamwork was never found in the RCB team.

He is indeed very young and is the future of Indian Cricket, thus, there is no doubt at all why he’s the finest of the test players out there.

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