MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli’s bond has never faded away even with the years. We still can recall how Virat Kohli openly talked about his admiration for the legendary MS Dhoni. Asserting on how MS Dhoni played an instrumental to lead his career to where it is today. MS Dhoni paved ways for Kohli during his career timeline. Owing to which, we have also witnessed some of their best bonding moments aboard.

That being said, here we have shared some of the duo’s spectacular moments straight from the field that are never to let go!


Talking about how MS Dhoni played an instrumental in his career success, and him becoming a captain, Virat Kohli said, “I have always been inclined towards taking responsibility,” during an Instagram live chat with Ravichandran Ashwin. He added, “After my debut for India, it was just about wanting to play, it was about being in the Indian XI all the time.”

“Then, with your intrigue in the game, you start talking to the captain regularly. I was always in MS’ ears, discussing different tactics,”he said

Adding on Kohli mentioned, “I think he got a lot of confidence that I can do this after him,”

Kohli said, “I think a large portion of me becoming captain was also to do with him observing me for a long time,” as quoted by NDTV

However, even though the transition of captainship from MS Dhoni to Virat happened, Virat, has always considered MS Dhoni as the ‘captain’ of all time. But the admiration isn’t one way, MS Dhoni also earlier asserted his admiration for Virat Kohli at the launch of Run Adam. He said, “Virat is the best and he’s already reached a status where he is close to a legend stage. I am happy for him and the way he has batted. He has been brilliant in the last few years. He has taken the team forward and that’s what you want from a leader. I wish all the best to him,” as quoted by Cric fit.

It seems, the bond between MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli is eternal! Nothing can really break in the strong roots, isn’t it? What are your views on their bond? Let us know in the comments below.