Legendary Pakistani bowler Wasim Akram hailed Sachin Tendulkar as the best in history…

When Pakistani Cricketer Wasim Akram Said, Sachin Tendulkar Is The Best In History

Widely acknowledged as one of the greatest bowlers of all time, Pakistani bowler Wasim Akram said that Sachin Tendulkar is the best in history. Akram is considered to be one of the founders, and perhaps the finest exponent of, reverse swing bowling. The cricketer was all praises about Sachin Tendulkar for his exceptional cricket talent. Sachin Tendulkar’s remarkable cricket journey and record-breaking statistics were the reason behind this statement.

In an exclusive column by Wasim Akram paying tribute to Sachin Tendulkar on his 50th test century, he said, “Sachin’s career over the last 21 years and his 50th Test hundred only confirm the volume of talent Sachin has and his dedication and commitment to Indian cricket. Watching him all these years, I have no doubt left in my mind he is the best batsman in the history of the game.” He also added that he played a number of times against Sachin and although he saw him get frustrated if things were not going India’s way or he was not playing well, he never lost his cool. Furthermore, Akram said, “Sachin has evolved into one of the most complete batsmen in cricket history and the way he scored runs in Test or one-day cricket, it speaks volumes of his commitment to India and cricket – he is a very, very special batsman in my book.”

Sachin Tendulkar’s amazing records indeed make him the best.

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