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Virat Kohli doesn’t skip his workout ever and it’s time you begin your quarantine workout taking inspiration from him…

Reasons You Should Start Your Quarantine Workout Just Like Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli has turned into a phenomenon. This living legend tops the list of ICC Men’s ODI and Test rankings and is at number 9 in T20I ranking. He is the fastest batsman ever to reach the milestone of 10,000 ODI runs. Bowlers struggle to dismiss him, captains are at a loss of ideas and analysts are in awe of his “wagon-wheel”. Virat Kohli’s unique technique can leave attackers frustrated. He creates extraordinary angles that defeat field placements, with a combination of bat-speed and strong, flexible wrists. Well, to be the best, he trains really hard and never skips his workout.

In an interview, Virat Kohli revealed that when he isn’t playing he spends around 4 hours in the gym. His workout includes a powerful combination of weights and cardio exercises. This helps in gaining lean and strong muscles, good body strength and stamina, and toning lower body muscles. His physique wasn’t the same 10 years ago, but he put in great effort to achieve this build. Although gym facilities aren’t available to us we can jog in place just like he does to improve our agility so that the quarantine doesn’t get us lethargic. Also, workout helps gain positivity and get rid of excess stored energy which helps in getting a  good night’s sleep.

To get stronger and fitter like Virat Kohli, we need to slip in our workout shoes and begin.

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