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There are days when a person fails to deliver his best and MS Dhoni has had his fair share…

Times When Mahendra Singh Dhoni Wasn’t In The Best Of His Forms

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been a phenomenal cricketer and one of the best Indian Captains. He is one of the most remarkable people on the face of the earth and it does no harm to say that he is quite amazing as a person too. However, he has had his bad days. No person can deliver the same performance every single day. And that has happened with MS Dhoni as well.

While Dhoni is widely regarded as arguably the best wicket-keeper batsman to play for India ever, his form in the recent past has been abysmal, to say the least. With 252 runs from 18 matches, MS Dhoni averaged 25.20 in 2018 in ODIs – his worst year in terms of batting average. It is only the second time when his average has come below 40.00, the other one was 2016. Dhoni, who is well known for his aggressive batting, has also struggled to score runs at a fast pace this year. In the 12 innings, he played in 2018, the former Indian skipper scored runs with a strike rate of 68.10 – worst in his career. It is quite a shocking statistics for Dhoni considering the fact that his strike rate has never come below 78.00 in his ODI career. In 2019 as well his statistics didn’t hike. But having said all that, he has been phenomenal as a wicket-keeper.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s contribution to the Indian Cricket Team has been spectacular but not all days are the same.

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