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Which look suits Virat Kohli more? Bearded or without a beard.

 Virat Kohli With Beard Or Without Beard: Rate Now…

Indian cricketers and fashion go hand in hand and the players never shy away from showing their new looks. From hairstyle to shoes to dresses, they are the trendsetters for their Indian fans and When it comes to making style statement skipper Virat Kohli wins the battle hands down. The once plump cricketer has become a style icon and he never fails to impress us. The cricketer has been sporting a beard for years now and he didn’t let it go even during his wedding.

However, the Run-Machine looks great with or without a beard. Before his amazing transformation, Virat Kohli did sport a non-bearded look and he looked dashing even without it. However, after getting in shape and working hard to get that sharp jawline, the cricketer has always sported a beard and if not a full-grown one, he at least has a stubble beard which makes him look really hot. For a fresh look during the quarantine, Kohli trimmed his beard and went for a French beard with a little stubble.

Here are a few pictures of Virat Kohli with and without a beard. Let us know which look you like the most.

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