Former Indian captain Virat Kohli is the most legendary cricketer in Indian cricket history. He is not just a favorite of Indians but has a fan following across the globe. The cricketer shared a fan moment with the West Indies player Joshua Da Silva’s mother. And the video from their meeting is going viral on the internet. Also, the West Indies player shared how much big a fan her mother is.

In an interview posted by the BCCI on Twitter, Joshua Da Silva says, “”My mom told me two days before the

Test match that she will come to see Virat Kohli, not me. That was kind of funny….It just so happened that he was on the bus…so I went and knocked on the window. He came out and met my mom, which made her day and year probably.”

While in the viral video, Virat Kohli warmly greeted Joshua’s mother. Also, the duo had a short conversation, after which the cricketer hugged the lady and smiled while saying goodbye.

On the other hand, the ongoing match between India and West Indies is the 500th International game for Virat Kohli. And he made the match even more interesting by hitting a century. And it was the 29th Test century. Also, this made him level with Sir Don Bradman. His total hundred became 76.

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