Virat Kohli has worked like a magic for the team…

Why Virat Kohli Is The SuperHero Of Indian Cricket Team

Virat Kohli is undoubtedly the best limited-overs player in the world right now. The Indian skipper has won many games for the team with his destructive batting and sharp fielding skills. He is stamping his authority as the numero uno batsman again and again. He is widely regarded as the chase master and a run-machine. His commitment and passion towards the game have made him a brand.

Virat Kohli’s unique technique can leave attackers frustrated. He creates extraordinary angles that defeat field placements, with a combination of bat-speed and strong, flexible wrists. He is both organized and destructive. Former West Indies great Vivian Richards, who is regarded as the most destructive batsman in cricket, stated that Kohli reminds him of himself. In early 2015, Richards said Kohli was “already legendary” in the ODI format, while former Australian cricketer Dean Jones called Kohli the “new king of world cricket”. He has single-handedly won numerous games for the team. His match-winning fielding has been spectacular. Over the years, he has improved his game tremendously and has played top-notch cricket.

Virat Kohli is a true superhero without a cape for team India.

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