A nail-biting battle when the King of Swing and the Run-machine come face to face…

Virat Kohli vs James Anderson: The Battle We Love To Watch On-Field

Virat Kohli is a stunning player. He is the peak of 21st-century batsmanship. He creates extraordinary angles that defeat field placements, with a combination of bat-speed and strong, flexible wrists. Bowlers struggle to dismiss him, captains are at a loss of ideas and analysts are in awe of his “wagon-wheel”. Virat Kohli’s unique technique can leave attackers frustrated. He is a phenomenon who elevates his team and the sport itself.

James Anderson is the pinnacle of fast bowling athleticism. Lean, skilful, combative, he is the peak of what a sportsman can be, a sophisticated blend of instinct and experience, the honed result of a career spent refining a skill. He is the first fast bowler to take 50 wickets against all other 7 major Test-playing nations. The battle between these two giants has been nothing short of magical. They are the stars of their sides, the base from which both English and Indian success is built. They are as good as it gets, with the bat and ball.

In future conversations about this era, this contest could very easily come to be seen as the best against the best, a rare overlap in the career of two legends.

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