Who among Virat Kohli and Joe Root has the best batting techniques according to you?

Virat Kohli vs Joe Root: Batsman With Best Batting Technique

Virat Kohli is undoubtedly the best limited-overs player in the world right now. He is a naturally aggressive batsman with strong technical skills. He bats with a slightly open-chested stance and a strong bottom-hand grip and is said to have quick footwork. He is known for his wide range of shots, ability to pace an innings and batting under pressure. He is strong through the mid-wicket and cover region. Kohli has said that the cover drive is his favourite shot, while also saying that the flick shot comes naturally to him. His strong techniques have helped him score big and create records.

On the contrary, we have Joe Root, the current captain of the England Test team. A slender batsman reliant on precision, his patience and stubbornness at the crease had Geoffrey Boycott gushing that he reminded him of himself, although Root soon developed a much broader range. His crispness of stroke and shrewd judgment enables him to bat purposefully around batsmen of the greater weight of shot. Root had never been a strikingly heavy scorer as he worked through the ranks, nor was he particularly athletic, but his systematic approach was that of a young batsman who would not sell his wicket easily and gave England hope that he would be able to attune his game to the highest level.

Both these cricketers are making it big in their cricket careers as batsmen and we can’t pick the batsman with best batting techniques. Please help us choose.

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