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Who do you think is the best IPL captain amongst Virat and Rohit?

Virat Kohli vs Rohit Sharma: The Best IPL Captain

Virat Kohli is a phenomenal cricketer. He is the current captain of the Indian Cricket Team and Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL. Kohli has dome a great job as a captain in IPL. Although RCB hasn’t won the championship yet, they have been the runner’s up thrice. Kohli has pushed the young and domestic talent to perform better in IPL and gives them ample exposure to better their game. Along with AB and Gayle, his team has put up some huge scores and Kohli’s contribution has been immense.

On the contrary, we have Rohit Sharma, captain of 4 times champion Mumbai Indians. With a promising team at hand, Rohit has been a magnificent captain and has displayed his leadership skills to gain results. His batting line-up, as well as a change in bowling line, has brought him great success as a captain. He has been consistent with his game and captained the team well. In an interview, he stated that he puts up Mumbai special fast food for the players in the dressing room before a match to get into the Mumbai spirit.

Both the captains have been great leaders and equally deserving. We can’t decide who is the best IPL captain amongst them. Please help us by choosing one.

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