Virat Kohli and Ross Taylor are a treasure for their respective teams. They are unbeaten at times and can be the ultimate match-winner. Who do you think is the best match-winner amongst them?

Virat Kohli vs Ross Taylor: The Best Match Winner

Virat Kohli has turned into a phenomenon. He is the fastest batsman ever to reach the milestone of 10,000 ODI runs. Bowlers struggle to dismiss him, captains are at a loss of ideas and analysts are in awe of his “wagon-wheel”. Virat Kohli’s unique technique can leave attackers frustrated. He creates extraordinary angles that defeat field placements, with a combination of bat-speed and strong, flexible wrists. He is stamping his authority as the numero uno batsman again and again. He has made a remarkable contribution in winning numerous matches for team India.

On the contrary, we have Ross Taylor, a New Zealand cricketer with 40 centuries in international cricket. Ross Taylor has displayed a spectacular game time and time again. His 181* is the 2nd highest ODI score for a no.4 batsman as well 4th highest score for an individual while chasing. His huge shots at difficult times have proved beneficial for the team to win matches. He is extremely destructive with his bat and if he is on the crease the opposition certainly has to worry about being on the losing end.

Both these reliable batsmen are extremely talented and great match winners. We can’t pick the best because both are equally deserving. Please help us by choosing one amongst them.

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