Yash Tonk talks about his new show Roop

I represent a parochial male mindset in Roop, which needs to change – Yash Tonk

Being father to two girls, veteran TV actor, Yash Tonk, fully understands the importance of changing the parochial mindsets which hurt womankind. No wonder he agreed to play a hardcore male chauvinist cop, in new Colors show, Roop.

“But having said that, he is a good cop, who is not able to give respect and space to his wife and daughters. Like most fathers, he has a different yardstick for his son. Daughters are meant to be married off is how he thinks. You can’t really blame him, for that is how he was brought up by his father and grandfather. Those societies which don’t change with time end up decaying. And interestingly, what is right today might be wrong tomorrow,” says Yash, who has done hit TV shows like Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Karam Apnaa Apnaa, Kaahin Kissii Roz, etc.

“There are many like him in small town India, who might not be bad at heart, but you can’t call their actions right either. So, rather than indulging in name call, let’s all attempt to change the thinking of our young boys, who will then lead the change in gender equations when they grow up. Change can only come when your mindset is still being made.”

“One of the main reasons for taking up this role was that I have not attempted playing someone like him before. He has a good physique. I am not ready to play a father who just sits and mopes around; he should have something to do.” His last show was Jaat Ki Jugni, on Sony.

“Also, given how my character is etched out, he will continue to have a say post the eventual leap. The generation gap will not change.”

Talking about his elder daughter who has just entered her teens, Yash says, “I let her go out with friends; but yes, like any father, I am worried till she gets home safely. But I don’t show my fears to her, for I too was a kid once, and have gone through what she is going through now.”

“I love watching her grow up into a young woman, trying out her mother’s makeup. My kid daughter is slowly turning into a beautiful young woman. The younger one is just a year and a half, so long time to go for her.”

We wish him well.

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