Gautam Vig who has gotten into the Zee TV show gets talking.

All that an actor needs is an opportunity to explore: Gautam Vig

Actor Gautam Vig who has recently entered the very well-rated show Ishq Subhan Allah (Creative Eye) in the role of Miraj, the antagonist finds himself lucky to have got an opportunity to be part of this series.

Says Gautam, “To be honest, I love what I am doing in the show right now. I have been in the positive zone as Ali in Naamkarann. Ali was the fun-loving guy. And now to play an out and out negative character is a good change for me. I believe, all that an actors needs is an opportunity to explore himself more. It does not matter whether you explore into the positive zone or the negative role; the important factor is that you need to get the chance to tap into yourself and get to know your worth as an actor.”

“In a negative role, you get to play a lot. It helps you open up more as an actor. So you can say that I am discovering more about my talent right now. Initially, when I was approached for the role, I was a bit hesitant. But I am glad that I made the right decision of accepting it,” he adds.

Gautam has made his family happy as they have been following it even before he got on board. “The best part is that my family follows the show. And yes, Ishq Subhan Allah is so strong in content that it falls into a totally different league altogether. It is important to have shows like this as it is not a normal daily soap topic. We have really good actors and all are so warm and welcoming.”

On his expectation of being part of such a highly rated show, Gautam explains, “My only expectation is that I should be able to justify my character well. I want to prove that I can play any part given to me as an actor.”

Way to go, Gautam!!

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