Candid chat with Yesha Rughani

Yesha Rughani learns to zoom around in a mean machine 

The super sexy Yesha Rughani, who is playing the lead role in STAR Bharat show, Musakaan, is really enjoying the ride so far. “I have learnt so much about the acting craft, courtesy my stint in this Rashmi Sharma Telefilms offering.”

“It is not easy managing the hectic schedules though. Many a times, we end up working beyond the stipulated 12-hour shifts. To add to that, our set is in distant Naigaon, so travelling also becomes a nightmare.”

“To add to that, I can’t do without my daily cardio regime, so have to get up as early as 6.30 am to rush to the gym. Post workout, I shower and change there only and leave for work. But I don’t mind the stress, because no pain, no gain. And here the positive never-say-die sprit of Muskan comes into play. She urges me to get up when I want to grab forty winks more in the morning.”

So anything new happening on set?

“Well, I just learnt to ride a bike. Being an adventurous gal, I always wanted to zoom around in a mean machine. But I never got the opportunity to rev one up. However, acting gives you many such liberties. Here, I had to balance not only myself, but also Sharad Malhotra as pillion and the shooting rig; so you can just imagine the enormous weight I had to piggyback.”

“Now maybe I will take off on a crazy road trip all the way up to the Himalayan Mountains.”

In closing we ask Yesha, who was a stylist before acting happened, about the current trends in TV fashion. “While I am not really clued in with the latest news in the sartorial universe, I can safely say that experiments in structure and silhouette of the sari are still missing. We seem to be content playing around only with its fabrics and colours.”

When asked whether the public notion that good lead girls mustn’t be showing skin is one reason for eschewing bolder TV costumes, to which she replies, “I think we have now partially passed that phase. Also, let’s face it; the eternal Indian outfit is hugely flexible, boiling down to the wearer’s personal choice, who can either cover her curves or flaunt them just by altering the sari drape style.”

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