Actor Abhianshu Vohra who played the good samaritan and loving brother Rana Singh Dhillon in Choti Sarrdaarni, is presently treading a new zone as a performer. He is seen in the negative role of Ranjeet in Colors’ new show Junooniyatt.

Ranjeet is the suitor of Elahi (Neha Rana). However, he has evil intentions and cast his wicked eye on Elahi during the Holi celebration in the show.

Says Abhianshu, “This is my first negative role as an actor. I have never played such a role. It is challenging for me. I was surely sceptical when I took it. But I wanted to do something different, probably by getting out of my comfort zone. Even when I started playing Ranjeet, I was nervous. But now, I have got into the skin of the character. I watched a few movies to see such characters. My director and creatives have helped me a lot.”

The look given to Ranjeet is very cool and different. “I never had a moustache before. This sidelock look is also new to me. That too, Ranjeet sports this long pointed sidelocks which give him a unique look. A lot of thought has gone into my look. It is an experiment that is looking good. I am feeling good playing the role and donning this look.”

Abhianshu is happy to be shooting with this unit in Chandigarh. “Shoot happens amidst a lot of fun. People are so affectionate and work with a lot of passion and love. I am happy to be staying with this unit and working with them.”

“I have supportive actors in Neha Rana, Gautam Singh Vig and Ankit Gupta. We crack jokes and spend time together,” he avers.

Ranjeet as a character is kicking up a lot of mud, and this makes Abhianshu happy. I am thankful to all who felt that I am capable enough to do this role. I want to thank the channel and the makers, Dreamiyata Entertainment.”

Best of luck, Abhianshu!!