Abhishek Tewari talks about his desires, ideologies and much more in our Rapid Fire segment.

Abhishek Tewari REVEALS the craziest thing done during lockdown

Talented actor Abhishek Tewari who has played noteworthy roles in shows Chand Chupa Badal Mein, Main Lakshmi Tere Aangann Ki, Gangaa, Ishqbaaz etc is happy chilling at home during this quarantine phase.

The actor was happy to talk to us for our Rapid Fire Segment and came up with good honest answers.

Check it here.

Describe yourself in 3 words: Ecstatic, Adventurous and mystical

If you could be from any other era, what would it be?

Not era, I would want to be from another planet. I am a total lover of space and galaxies since my childhood and I would be really curious to be an alien.

If your house was on fire, what two things would you run back in to get?

Two things would be my phone and all my keys.

Any tattoos? Where?

Ahh yes, I am planning to get a tattoo soon on my back, a Trident with a Cobra.

The best gift you have ever received:

Best gift. A surprise holiday from my dad during my birthday period to my favourite place that was Venice, Italy. That feeling will always be timeless.

If you had one superpower, what would it be?

Superpower would be making the world super intelligent to make them all rich.

Texting or talking?

Talking .. anytime.

Your Priceless Possession 

My mother and my father are my priceless possessions

Your best day will be like

My best day would be like whatever I feel during the day comes true that day. Otherwise, I make the best of all the days with lots of yoga, meditation, cooking, gardening, binge-watching, playing games with my pet Johny Snow, video shooting him and all

Your favourite destination

There are three actually, Entire region of Indian Himalayas, Italy and Switzerland. I m an absolute lover of nature and art.

Craziest thing you did during the lockdown

Craziest things I am actually doing during lockdown is that I am experimenting a lot with food, by cooking Satvik yogic diet from mango crisps to beetroot halwa. My palate is on fire. Apart from that to refresh the acting skills I also write stories and play roles of all the characters in it, be it male or female. That’s a very good, crazy exercise I feel I am doing. I will start to make videos on it too.

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