Young actor Sahil Chadda who is presently playing the lead guy opposite Chhavi Pandey in Ladies Special talks about his character and show.

It is an actor’s limitation if he finds fault with the medium of work: Sahil Chadda

Youngster Sahil Chadda who has featured in AR Rahman’s Youtube original, ARRived is happy with his first major work on TV with Ladies Special on Sony TV.

Being one of the lead men in the otherwise ladies centric show gives Sahil a special feeling.

Says Sahil, “People on the set are treating me well, so the role is also treating me well (smiles). Being a newcomer to TV, I see this stint as an experiment; it also provides the freshness that I looked forward to. The cast and crew have been really helpful and being on the set gives rise to calm and chilled out ambience.”

Talking about his character, Sahil states, “Viraaj is a rich guy, but very supportive. He is positive, a very good person by character. He also stands for what is right. In totality, he is the ideal boy that every woman will like to have in life. He is very helpful and supportive for Prarthna (Chhavi Pandey). The character will have a good graph as the story proceeds.”

Sahil will be seen in Salman Khan’s upcoming movie, Bharat and has been around in the advertisement field for sometime.  Hence the hectic schedule of TV has not shaken him up. “I am used to working for long hours. I have many friends in the industry who are writers, actors, directors. So I am aware of the functioning process in the TV industry; now I am getting hand-on experience.”

Talking about co-actor Chhavi Pandey, he avers, “Chhavi has been around for sometime in the industry. However, she welcomed me so well and is very down to earth. We understand each other’s perspectives well. We have a good chemistry and help each other grow.”

Sahil feels that an actor should not worry much about the medium of portrayal. “It is an actor’s limitation if he finds fault with the medium of work. As an actor, my job is to play my character well. My priority is my crew, my director and co-actors. I see them as my first audience and critic.”

Best of luck, Sahil!!

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