Amrapali Gupta speaks on her lockdown video

Amrapali Gupta and hubby to groove in romantic home video: Read Details

Multi-faceted and good looking actor Amrapali Gupta and hubby Yash will soon launch a home shot romantic music video titled Teri Bindiya in a bid to break the lockdown blues.

“We creative people need to keep doing something, so we got in touch with a singer friend Amitabh Narayan and zeroed on a composition which is a fusion of two beautiful ballads. A couple of other friends have chipped in with music and post-production,” says Amprapali last seen in Colors show Bahu Begum.

“The biggest challenge was to shoot at home without a crew. So it took a lot of time. Yash was the director while I executed stuff. We had to visualize everything; our helper becomes our impromptu cinematographer. “But I am happy with the final output. Do check it when soon uploaded on YouTube.”

How did your son enjoy the shoot? “Well, at first we tried to shoot after he slept, but he got up in the middle of the night and got scared of being alone in his room. So we then spoke to him, and he agreed to be in the shooting room without making noise. Luckily he has been on set before, so it was not a surprise. The lockdown is taking a significant toll on kids. With Kabir’s school shut since 9th March, his entire vacation has gone for a toss sitting at home “, says Amrapali whose hit show Qubool Hai is now rerunning on Zee TV.

“Agreed today kids are smart enough to know why the lockdown, yet they are kids and how long can you keep them cooped in. Also, I am unsure about the efficacy of online education as a possible alternative. Will young kids pay attention to instructions given on the mobile screen or monitors? They still need the physical presence of the good old teacher.”

In closing, Amrapali laments lack of social distancing among many Mumbaikars, “Both the poor and well-heeled don’t seem to care, it is left to the middle class to stay locked in for months at end. The govt needs to crack the whip, lest the infection rate will not drop.”

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