Ankit Bhatla who will soon return to Naagin – Bhagya Ka Zehreela Khel talks about what viewers can expect now.

Ankit Bathla is back in Naagin – Bhagya Ka Zehreela Khel

Good looking bloke Ankit Bathla is returning to Naagin – Bhagya Ka Zehreela Khel after a short break.

“My character Rajat had exited after his fiancée Brinda (Nia Sharma) dumped him for Dev (Vijayendra Singh).”

“Now that he is back, there will be lots of twists and turns. Rajat, like everybody else in this fantasy, is greyish; no one is white. All have one or other hidden agendas to push.”

“A lot of drama is on the anvil as we still don’t know the real naagin deal.”

“Both Nia and Vijayendra Singh have been good friends for a while, and it was lovely to team up as a unit.”

“The biggest challenge is to imagine a lot of stuff as we shoot on chroma. But it is also fun as I had never thought that I could pull all this off (fire and snakes). The best part is that since the team knows what it wants, it makes my job easier.”

Besides Naagin, Ankit also just started a YouTube channel titled Ankit Bathla Official. “I take out actor friends for lunch or dinner dates. We also make them cook, so welcome to my food cum lifestyle channel.”

“Already many restaurants invite me to taste their food, so thought why not make it official”, reasoned he.

“Our first guest was Nibedita Pal (Class of 2020), given Valentine’s Day launch, the hotel made us bake heart-shaped pizzas.”

“The Internet medium allows the fans to know us, upfront and personal. No wonder the influencer business is enormous on Instagram and TikTok.”

“Agreed YouTube is the slow on money, but it has the maximum reach, and yes, it also allows us to say what we want.”

Ankit who has done 2 web series Love Lust and Confusion, might do one more, “But right now with Naagin taking up most of my dates, the logistic would be an issue.”

Best of luck, Ankit!!

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