Actor Mukesh Tiwari who will be seen in SAB TV’s show Band Bajaa Bandh Darwaza gets into a conversation.

Band Bajaa Bandh Darwaza has intelligent writing which relates to the current scenario of society: Mukesh Tiwari

Talented and versatile actor Mukesh Tiwari needs no introduction. His vast body of work in films and his ability to carry out powerful roles with elan have made him quite popular in the film circuit.

Mukesh will now be debuting on the small screen in the central role of the ghost in SAB TV’s upcoming light-hearted horror comedy, Band Bajaa Bandh Darwaza. He is happy that the show falls into the category of being a situational comedy and not one that has slapstick humour.

Says Mukesh on the character he plays, “Sanjeev Sharma is a typical middle-class family man. He hasn’t had too many wishes in life; however, due to twist of fate he is left by his bride on the wedding day. His only desire in life was to earn money and have a settled family but unfortunately, his dream of settle family remains unfulfilled. Hence, he has come back to complete his unfulfilled desires after his death.”

On the USP of his show, he states, “I don’t believe in comparing like “this is better, and this isn’t”. I feel art is always different and unique. We all have different teams, directors, cast, etc. so, it depends. However, these days’ people are eliminating the concept of having a director in television, which is disappointing. Our director, Maqbool is an amazing man and I feel sad with the fact that the importance of directors for a TV show is going away. I can’t say how this show is different, but I would love to say that the team and the writing of this show is amazing. It has a very intelligent writing, which relates to the current scenario of the society.”

On the manner in which he prepared for this role, he avers, “For me, it was a matter of keeping the ghost realistic. The ghost doesn’t have any artificial teeth or horns; it is like a human most of the times and has little aspects for ghostly effect. I also took some references for this role, for example the film ‘Mummy’ had a lot of realism in the characters. After a lot of research, we characterized this ghost as a good human, who doesn’t hurt others to an extent that they cannot recover. Rather, he just tries to scare them in a light comic manner. The idea was that how would a man, from a middle-class family and who doesn’t know how to harm others, enact in such situations.”

Lastly, on his expectations from the show, he states, “I have very high expectations from this show not because I am working in it, but because the writing is so beautiful. In addition, it is not a slapstick comedy in which you will watch and laugh out loud; rather it will make you smile and tickle at times. The show has a very relatable content, according to today’s generation. Every family has some little arguments and kids these days are very transparent, confident and honest with their parents and don’t live their life by hiding things. These elements of realism are included in the show through its characters.”

Wish you best of luck, Mukesh!!