Shrenu Parikh of Ishqbaaaz gets into a conversation with IWMBuzz.

This is the best work phase of my life, and I love this high – Shrenu Parikh

Shrenu Parikh feels blessed to be part of the working team of Star Plus’ popular show, Ishqbaaaz (4 Lions Films). Working with such good people makes even the hectic work schedules easy and calm, according to the actress.

Said Shrenu, “Work is not work when you work with such good people. Work is indeed fun on the set of Ishqbaaaz.”

With the show completing 500 episodes recently, we at IWMBuzz wished Shrenu and the entire team of the show, and the pretty girl said, “Yes, we cut a huge cake sent in by the channel. We danced and made merry, but we were shooting most of the time. We actually came later, but it was a special moment for the cast who have been there from day one. Also such milestones are special moments for the entire team, the crew and technicians who make shoot such fun for all of us. So it was a moment of celebration for everyone on the set.”

Shrenu is happy and satisfied with life at the moment. “This is the best work phase of my life, touchwood. Everything is so perfect that it does not seem true at times (smiles). In fact, the kind of fan following I have got after I joined Ishqbaaaz has been 60 times more than what it was before. All is going great and I love this high!! Work gives me the most satisfaction. My mom actually tells me that if I am not working, I get cranky (laughs). So I am in a happy zone right now,” averred Shrenu.

When asked Shrenu if she is happy with the character graph in the show, she was quick to say, “I am very much happy with my graph as Gauri. I am just an actor, and it hardly matters to me if I am seen for the whole of 30-40 minutes or not. For me, ever since I have entered Ishqbaaaz, my character’s equations have changed with every other character around. I am a very integral part of the show. I am Omkaara’s wife, an Oberoi Bahu. So I don’t feel neglected for sure. Yes, the focus shifts as ours is a multi-cast show. It happens, and I have no qualms about it. I am very happy with my character’s growth.”

Shrenu feels really at home on the set of Ishqbaaaz, which is like a learning ground for all. “Everyone on the set helps each other to become a better actor. We are quite open in terms of criticism and appreciation. We are a bunch of positive people who work to excel and help each other out, “she explained.

Talking about the leading ladies of Ishqbaaaz being progressive in their thoughts and approach, Shrenu averred, “Yes, that’s true that in Gul Mam’s shows, the ladies are so very progressive. Take the case of Anika, she’s been independent and strong. Her boldess is what girls will love to have. Gauri though not educated was independent and working earlier. Post that, she proved Omkaara wrong by telling him that values mattered most when compared to education. One can get educated at any point of time. Also, the belief in God that Gauri has is something that is very relatable to the ladies. Bhavya has always been shown as an intelligent cop and this makes her very different from others. Also take Pinky, she has been an independent housewife. Janhvi has been a partner with the Oberois. Above all, Dadi is the most strongest of all. She has put in so much effort to take care of all her sons and grandsons. So all the ladies in the show are indeed progressive.”

When asked about a certain sect of intimidating fans, Shrenu explained, “I guess these are results of the show being too famous. We have so many fans that not everyone can be happy at a given point of time. We have six leads in the show; it is a multi cast show. So definitely few will be unhappy with somthing or the other, and they have the right to complain and crib. All we can do is to do our job well. We need to take constructive criticism in the right way. Having said this, we should not take anything to head, not even the success and not even the failure.”

Before signing off, Shrenu thanked her fans who have been with her all the time, so supportive and nice. “Thank you for being there for me always, even if I am working or not. This is a milestone moment in my career, I am very happy. I want my fans to feel happy about it.”

May you have many a milestone moments in your career, Shrenu!!

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