IWMBuzz gets into a candid chat with Karam Rajpal

I am a big fan of Khatron Ke Khiladi-Karam Rajpal

Unlike many actors, Karam Rajpal, currently seen in Zee TV show Manmohini, is a satisfied guy.

“Rather than getting into the rat race of plotting and planning my every career move, I prefer to go with the flow, and by God’s grace, I have been repeatedly good work. The most important thing here is to have patience.”

Continuing his philosophical talk, he adds, “I am just happy to be alive.”

Talking about Manmohini, which will soon wrap up, he says, “I have had a pleasant journey. As this was my first tryst with the supernatural genre, it was a challenge to play both ghosts and humans.”

Here, he refuses to speculate on whether the time slot (10.30 to 7 pm) change affected ratings, “As an actor, these calls are above my pay grade. Kindly ask the channel and production house (LSD films) about the same .”

So how was his experience working with co-star Rehyna Pandit? “Lovely as it always happens, some days are good, some days are bad.”

Apart from TV, Karam is also game for juicy web series as for filming bold scenes, he says, “I might be ready for certain scenes if required by the narrative. I sometimes feel a bit annoyed at media questions, like, how comfortable you are with nudity? No actor would want to do such stuff, but then as an actor, we have to go beyond our comfort zone.”

In closing, Karam would also want to try non-fiction formats like Khatron Ke Khiladi. “I have been a big fan of this Rohit Shetty show, for it requires athletic body and mind. I would surely love to challenge my fears if given a chance .”

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