YouTuber Vartika Chauhan talks about her work and also on her Bigg Boss watching experience.

Can Dalljeit Kaur develop a Bigg Boss connection with Siddharth Shukla?: Vartika Chauhan

TV actress cum YouTuber Vartika Chauhan is making a big splash with her fun channel, SoEffinCraz.

“So far, I have uploaded 40 odd videos and the most popular series includes Girls vs Boys in School Life and When a Girl Falls in Love With a Sakht Launda. Both have clocked around 100 million hits and are still going strong. We add new content every other week.”

“The biggest challenge is to make the videos shorter, as gen-next does not have time. So most of our videos have a run length of 4-8 minutes. Some can be stretched up to 12 minutes, depending on juice available. Beyond that, it will become a serial, which no one will watch.”

“Given the need to be very crisp, editing becomes very important, and our director/editor shoots keeping edit quotients in mind. The dialogues have to be spot on and not one moment can be extra. Also, we need to remember that our competitor is the world’s funniest baby and dog videos.”

Talking about her TG, she says, “We focus on preteens to 32 odds.”

How good is the payout?

“If you have the right content, YouTube is a gold mine. No wonder, its short video template is being replicated by others like TikTok. So creative young kids are making good money along with their studies.”

“As revenue streams increase, we can invest better on equipment, i.e HD camera and high end editing suites.”

Compared to lot of sexually-explicit content doing the rounds of most OTT platforms, Vartika says, “My stuff is very fun and family-oriented. You can watch it with your brother and have a laugh,” says Vartika, who has also acted in various TV shows like Surveen Guggal, Mahakaali – Anth Hi Aarambh Hai, and more recently, RadhaKrishn on Star Bharat.

“I can’t make anything that my grandmother can’t watch, for she is my biggest fan. Others might or might not watch, but dadi checks out all my videos.”

Shifting gears to Bigg Boss, Vartika says, “I am rooting for Dalljiet all the way, she is like family. I understand how tough it is for her to stay away from Jaydon. But we are there for him.”

“Dalljiet’s entry was best, so were her dance sequences. I think Dalljiet has the best chance, for she is respected by all. She is very calm, but if you push her button the wrong way, God save you. Remember her clash with Siddharth Dey?”

“One big departure from earlier Bigg Boss seasons is that unlike the past, where a lot of time was wasted in drudging up the past, here the entire game is being played on connections.”

In closing, Vartika hopes that Dalljiet finds her mate in the house. Can Siddharth Shukla be her ideal connect? “Only time will tell.”

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