The marital issue between Dalljiet Kaur and Nikhil Patel has now reached the court, with Dalljiet going the legal way to end her marriage. All of it began when Dalljiet left her Kenya-based husband Nikhil Patel’s Kenya abode, and returned to India. Later, Dalljiet put up a cryptic post hinting at her husband’s illicit affair, being the reason for their breakup. She had long time back moved out of Kenya with her son, Jaydon. Nikhil who remained silent for a long time, finally decided to speak up for himself and his family. He has cited ‘cultural clashes’ to be the reason for their breakup.

Amidst this, there was news of Dalljiet trying to get back to her husband too. Recently, Dalljiet was spotted in Kenya, Nairobi, and this again opened up rumours of whether the two of them were together yet again. However, the fact is that Dalljiet had gone to Kenya to file to take legal action against her estranged husband and has also obtained a stay order there. According to reports, the court documents indicate that this order was issued to prevent Patel from evicting Kaur and her child from their matrimonial home in Kenya. The court order was issued amid Dalljiet and Nikhil’s ongoing legal battle over accusations of an extramarital affair.

While this legal battle picks up heat, Nikhil whose Instagram account was open to all, has now been made private.

Meanwhile, Nikhil has stated that he wishes Dalljiet all the luck for her future, and wishes that he is not dragged into any publicity stunt. Nikhil recognises that engaging Dalljiet and responding each time she shares details of their past brief relationship and ongoing case, is not helpful in enabling him and his family to move forward in a positive manner.

Nikhil Patel has also replied to the recent chao stating, “The court orders circulating to the media are orders which she obtained prior to Nikhil’s lawyers going to court and giving his side of the story.”

We await the turnaround in this story as it has turned into a legal battle now.