Actor Dalljiet Kaur and her marriage with Kenya-based businessman Nikhil Patel has been in trouble for the last few months. Dalljiet recently put up a cryptic post hinting at her husband’s illicit affair, being the reason for their breakup. She had long time back moved out of Kenya with her son, Jaydon. Nikhil who remained silent for a long time, finally decided to speak up for himself and his family. He has cited ‘cultural clashes’ to be the reason for their breakup.

In an interview with ETimes, Nikhil talked about Dalljiet moving away from Kenya and also reasoned out on the reason behind doing so. We take reference from that story for our write-up here.

Nikhil said, “In January this year, Dalljiet decided to leave Kenya with her son Jaydon and return to India, which ultimately led to our separation. We both realised that the foundation of our blended family wasn’t as strong as we had hoped, making it hard for Dalljiet to settle in Kenya. In March 2023, we held an Indian wedding ceremony in Mumbai. Though it held cultural significance, it was not legally binding. This ceremony was intended to reassure Dalljiet’s family about her move to Kenya.”

He added, “Despite our efforts, Dalljiet found it challenging to adjust to life in Kenya, missing her career and life in India. The complexities of our family dynamics became increasingly apparent… this proved to be challenging for us due to cultural clashes, different values and beliefs, and this was something that began to develop as the relationship matured… Dalljiet informed me, her son’s school and others on the day she decided to leave that she did not plan to return to Kenya… her departure marked the end of our relationship for me, and despite her concerning social media activity over the past five months, I have found closure and solace, moving forward positively.”

He also expressed his dissatisfaction over Dalljiet’s recent posts on social media and claimed that they caused massive stress to him and his well-wishers. He went on to say that Dalljiet ‘has expressed a desire to return’ to his life and ‘has crossed boundaries’. He added that her posts have been ‘misinterpreted, resulting in unnecessary harassment of family and friends unrelated to this situation’. Nikhil said that he hopes Dalljiet ‘stops this behaviour’.

We hope Dalljiet and Nikhil sit through this and talk it out, and get a solution to their problem!!