In conversation with Piyali Munshi who essays the role of a cancer patient in &TV’s episodic tale, Laal Ishq.

It was challenging to play a cancer patient on-screen: Piyali Munsi

Gorgeous actress Piyali Munsi, who has enthralled audience in shows like Jai Jag Janani, Ma Durga, Siya Ke Ram, Santoshi Maa, will be part of &TV’s episodic drama Laal Ishq (Raviraj Creation).

Piyali will play the role of a cancer patient, which she found to be challenging.

She shares, “I will be playing the character of a cancer patient for which I will be shown bald. It was challenging to play such a character. The production team and Producer Raviraj sir were very co-operative as I feel doing prosthetic make-up for a cancer patient is not easy. I had to do it for my role which took ample amount of time.”

Piyali further adds, “The prosthetic make-up they used for my bald look was exceptionally good. It made me look as a real patient and also helped me feel the emotion of a cancer patient as I had to show that I am very depressed after the chemotherapy and after I lost my hair. To portray such strong emotions were energy consuming but I felt the emotion that a person would go through while battling this disease.”

The episodic story will be revolving around Piyali, her sister played by Neha Pednekar and her fiancé Paras Kalnawat.

Good luck, Piyali!