Amal Sehrawat who plays the dutiful son in Choti Sarrdaarni gets talking about the connect he has between his character and real life.

The character of Jagga in Choti Sarrdaarni is very close to my real self: Amal Sehrawat

Amal Sehrawat who plays the mother’s boy in the #1 rated show Choti Sarrdaarni (Cockrow and Shaika Entertainment) on Colors is happy to have got such a realistic role to play!!

Amal who essays the role of Jagga, the eldest son of Kulwant Kaur (Anita Raaj) has seen his mother sacrifice her pleasure in order to seek happiness and raise her four kids in the show. Being Kulwant’s huge support, Jagga’s character has grown well and has been appreciated by viewers.

Amal draws an instant parallel and connect to his onscreen character and his real self.

Says Amal, “The character of Jagga is very close to Amal in real life. Jagga has seen all the sacrifices of KK and all the struggles that she has gone through to raise her kids being a single mother, and has managed to improve the economic status of his family. Similarly, I have seen the struggle of my parents, their journey from rags to riches. Touchwood, today, life seems hunky and dory and we are in a very good position.”

In the show Choti Sarrdaarni, Jagga never goes against Kulwant and her decisions. “Respecting parents is bliss and when you do that, you tend to hold yourself back when it comes to contradicting their decisions. Instead I believe in putting my thoughts across in a manner in which they don’t get hurt. This is what Jagga too does.”

There was a sequence recently which showed the strong belief that Jagga has for his mother. The sequence had Kulwant asking for huge money from Jagga, and the dutiful son immediately decides to make the needed arrangements. This shocks Kulwant and she even asks him whether he would not want to know why she needs this huge money. “Jagga says that he has seen her all through her journey of sacrifices, and will never question her. This was a very good sequence that I recently shot with Anita Maam. As an actor, I am really thankful to the creatives for the way they are portraying and justifying Jagga onscreen,” exclaims Amal.


Way to go, Amal Sehrawat!!

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