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Comedy is the most difficult art to master – Ram Kapoor

Television’s biggest star Ram Kapoor, is all set to explore the comedy genre for the first time on small screen with Discovery JEET’s upcoming non-fiction show ‘Comedy High School’.

The Bade Acche Lagte Hain actor says that his new series is a clean comedy show which can be watched along with family.

“Though I was offered comedy shows earlier, I did not feel comfortable doing them. In this show, I am not only comfortable with the producer and creative team of writers, with whom I share a long-time relationship, but also for the fact that it is a clean comedy show. My children can watch it along with me. There are no dirty jokes or a double meaning words used. There is a lot of madness and there are loud jokes but all in good humour,” shares Ram.

Talking about the upcoming show, he avers, “Comedy High School is a non-fiction show that will showcase the light-hearted take on society, culture, education and current affairs through a classroom based set up. Lead celebrities will visit the school every week, in myriad avatars. I will be seen playing the character of a school principal. The story of the show revolves around my character who deals with a bunch of crazy staff members and students.”

When asked how difficult comedy genre is, he reveals, “Comedy is the most difficult art to master. It is hard to make people laugh and the only reason I took up this show was because I wanted to challenge myself as an actor. I gave my consent to ‘Comedy High School’ the moment I heard the plot. It is fundamentally funny and invariably leads to situations which produce laughter. Comedy shows usually make the environment very positive.”

Sharing insights on his fun moments from his school life, he quips, “I had a girlfriend who studied in another school that was far from mine. Once, I wanted to meet her but was quite scared. So I asked the entire class to sneak out with me at night. It was a crazy time as we were almost caught. One of my friends even lost his glasses and we had to rush back to get it back. We had lot of fun.”

Considering the fact that it is a new channel, did he think twice before taking up the project? “Discovery JEET is a new channel but I have grown up watching Discovery as a youngster. And I like the programming ethos of Discovery JEET – they genuinely want to make differentiated programming which is good for the industry. I wanted to be a part of the brand. It is an entertainment channel with a difference and that is what I love about them,” he signs off.

Good luck, Ram!

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