Young and successful Vikas Gupta knows how to brave odds to race ahead in professional and personal life, rising like a Phoenix every single time. His recent stint in Bigg Boss again exemplified his innate talent which is honed constantly for career progress.

He has been a pioneer when it comes to youth entertainment in India, with his eccentric and energetic handling of shows like Gumrah, Kaisi Yeh Yaarian, Punchbeat, he has always swum against the tide to make a mark of his own.
With that allusion, the Bigg Boss star recently spoke about his sexual orientation and made his first Pride step. But with that, the actor faced a lot of malevolence and antagonism. Saying that the actor came up with a heart-wrenching post on his social media. He says, “Coming Out is and should be the person’s personal choice cause in an environment which is Hostile to LGBT it can be really difficult for the person to even survive. I was constantly being pushed around, blackmailed, wrongly accused etc till I decided to come out. I wasn’t expecting my world will become perfect but it becoming so difficult and hostile wasn’t something I had ever thought of. Even after requesting the people who started the fake accusations to please inform that the accusations were false, they have refused to do so and continue to encourage others to harass and trouble me. Both Personally and Professionally it’s become imperative for me to take measure for this to Stop – #VikasGupta”.

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