Corset woes for Riya Deepsi in Porus

Riya Deepsi talks about her experience shooting for Sony TV show

Corset woes for Riya Deepsi in Porus

The beautiful and talented Riya Deepsi will soon make a comeback to Sony show Porus. She plays the princess of Persia, Barsine and the daughter of the all powerful emperor Darius 2 (Praneet Bhatt).

“I will return to Umargaon in a day or two and you can see me back on air in a week. One of the best parts of playing this character is its huge graph. Barsine started off a very proud India hating princess who loved her father dearly,” says Riya to

“However, over time and association with Porus (Laksh Lalwani) she mellows down her pride and plus she also sees the very dark side of her father who wants to usurp everything. Hence she chips in for the underdog (Porus). Then, as fate happens, Darius is back stabbed by Alexander.”

Looking ahead she will play a very important role in the lives of  Porus and Alexander (Rohit Purohit), is what she conveys.

Riya, who has mostly done historical like Bharat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap and Razia Sultan further says, “Although my costumes and jewelry is lighter than most other female characters, I don’t get it easy. The reason being that Barsine is the only one required to wear a corset which is needed to keep the upper body firm and also lends grace to my form.”

Talking more about the outfit she says:  “Wearing this very tight outfit is no walk in the park, I can’t even bend. Also when I have to sit I have to sit uptight. This leads to body and back pain; so there are issues but then this come with the territory, so no great shakes.  One other issue with shooting in Umargaon is the lack of mobile network on set. I am thinking of buying local SIM card, for my family gets upset when they are unable to reach me.”

Looking ahead, this pretty gal would be open for daily soap lead roles, “But yes, I am equally aware that very soon leads have to play mothers post leap as well. I want meat driven characters and not just someone who watches the action from the sidelines .e.g. I played a seductress in Maharana Pratap.”

Riya, who has also done comedy films in the lead is game for web series as well.  She has no major qualms about doing bold stuff as well. “Here, a lot depends on my tuning with the director, as a good maker can present the same with class.”

We agree. Keep up the good work.



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