Baseer Ali talks about his winning moment in Splitsvilla X.

I deserved to be in the Bigg Boss house this year but it’s their loss: Baseer Ali

After keeping us hooked for over 21 weeks, the grand finale of Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singha’s ‘Splitsvilla X’ finally took place.

Baseer Ali and Naina Singh have won the tenth season of MTV ‘Splitsvilla’.

Talking about the winning moment, Baseer says, “A lot of people were expecting Divya and Priyank as the winners and also vouching on them. However, it was a surprise for the viewers. I think this was the best part of my victory. My loyal fans had a lot of faith in me and rooted for me too. I fought for it and won it for myself and my followers.”

When we ask who was his biggest support in the show, he shares, “Mohit was my best friend. He supported me a lot. I think more than Naina, I bonded with Mohit. Apart from the game, we used to talk more about our lives and future goals.”

Baseer feels after the show his relationship with Naina has evolved, “Naina and I had a very confusing relationship. I feel following in love in a game show doesn’t sound cool to me. In a reality show, you are playing a game. People around you also pretend and have different personalities. Naina and I chose to be friends throughout the show and never confessed being in love. We are always there for each other. After coming out, we became best friends. I can say that Naina is an important part of my life,” shares Baseer.

Sharing about his future plans, he avers, “I am planning to do something around music. I had closed the doors for acting but in past few days I have been offered acting projects. I am a fighter and give my 100%. Even though if I can’t act. I will do something and learn new things.”

Basser believes his good friend Priyank is playing well in Bigg Boss, “I am watching Bigg Boss. Priyank is an amazing player. In Roadies and Splitsvilla, he had someone to back him up. However, Bigg Boss is a game wherein you have to play individually. I am really hoping that he changes the opinions about himself that he has made outside the house.”

When ask will he do Bigg Boss in future, he quips, “I was supposed to get Bigg Boss this year. Now, I think I don’t want to be in the house. Firstly, I think I deserved to be in the house this year. However, the deal did not happen and they gave me lame reasons. Initially, they told me I am locked and later they told that you should do the show next year. I feel nobody else decides what I should be doing. No channel, no producer. I feel it’s their loss.”

Good luck!

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