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Mohammad Nazim talks about co-star Devoleena, who is a part of Bigg Boss

Devoleena Bhattacharjee sometimes ends up hurting people when miffed: Mohammad Nazim

Mohammad Nazim is kicked about his negative avatar in Colors show, Bahu Begum.

“This is the first time I am doing a Muslim social, so it is a different experience. As far as playing baddies is concerned, I have already done a couple of other shows in the same space, so am quite comfortable.”

“To be honest, when you play a positive lead, there is not much space to experiment with your voice and mannerisms. While in the dark characters, you can really go wild with every scene, adding punch lines and varied nuances. A villain says the same time in different ways, depending on whether he wants to poke, humiliate or kiss up to you. I have tried to build my style, hope you are hating it (smiles).”

“I also don’t have a problem with switching on and switching off. My antagonist journey in Udaan taught me a lot about playing negative.” Talking about Bahu Begum per se, he says, “It is one great show. However, our ratings are not picking up. So I would request our viewers to give your feedback, good, bad or ugly, which will allow us to get better.”

Point out that may be the classic vamp second wife track is turning off some viewers, he says, “As actors, we have no say; and finally, these calls are taken by the writers.”

Shifting gears to Bigg Boss, Nazim says, “I know many are cribbing about the fast-paced drama, but that is what the show is all about. And the very fact that you are venting means you are also watching, so end of story.”

Talking about Saath Nibhaana Saathiya co-star Devoleena, who is a part of Bigg Boss this year, he says, “While she is a very sweet, sorted girl, when angry, she can become a different person and end up hurting others as well,” says Nazim, who has done Punjabi films as well.

“While it is too early to say who is a fav, I am quite confident that Devoleena, who is playing quite well so far, will go the whole three months hog.”

“The real game will only open up now as eliminations heat up. So far, everybody is playing good, trying to establish connections. However, as Salman Khan has said, no matter how many equations you try to build, eventually only one person emerges as the winner,” says Nazim.

“The acid test would be how to play the game in an honest and straightforward manner.”

“I am liking this season better than the last, not only because it is more entertaining, but also because certain boundaries will not be crossed as it involves celebs who themselves would not want dirty linen to be washed in public. The best thing about Bigg Boss is that you get to see the real side of your fav celebs, up, close and personal.”

In closing, looking ahead, Nazim would want to try out action-packed positive leads in mytho or other genres.

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