Donal opens up on the recent fight with‎ Shashank Vyas

Yesterday we had carried a story about what triggered the recent fight between Colors’ Roop – Mard Ka Naya Swaroop leads,‎ Shashank Vyas and Donal Bisht, which has become huge. You can read it here.

We had tried to get in touch with Donal before filing the story, but could not get through to her. Later, Donal herself reached out with her comments, which in the interest of fair journalism, we are presenting in toto–

“All this is quite weird. I am really not bothered about his (means Shashank) past and whatever it is, prefer to deal with an individual, with what he is at the moment. And as regards to the conversation (difference of opinion with Shashank), they are only creative differences, which happen all the time, as we actors perceive our scenes differently. So, in an attempt to be on the same page, we engage with each other, that’s it. Maybe somebody out there, misinterpreting the situation, is making a huge issue out of this. We have no issue working with each other. The entire Roop unit is full of positive people working in tandem to make the audience happy. Hence, don’t want any negativity to creep in.”

We stand by our story and if you read between the lines of what Donal is saying, it just reinforces what we have said. Having said that, Donal has every right to perceive things differently; she is not wrong, for life is never black or white.

Anyways, given the festive Navrati spirit, let not these minor things fester anymore. We wish Shashank and Donal Happy Pooja days, and all the best in their respective careers. Love All.

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