Swarda Thigale the lead of Star Bharat’s Pyaar Ke Papad talks about her character and on rumors of the show going off air.

I don’t believe in Pyaar Ke Papad shutting down rumors: Swarda Thigale

Being a true actor, Swarda Thigale is always game for varied and challenging assignments. No wonder, after currently playing a sweet girl in love, in Star Bharat show, Pyaar Ke Papad, she next wants to try her hand at the negative genre. She had started out with the medical drama, Savitri Devi College & Hospital, on Colors.

“A negative character gives you many options to play around with.” Would you mind essaying a daayan on screen? She says, “Not right now, but surely down the road, as this genre is very entertaining.”

“Besides a vamp, I would also love to essay a nerdy student who can’t think beyond her books,” she adds.

“Changing your genre makes you face newer taboos and challenges, and this is something that my theater background has taught me.”

“Although there are rumors flying around suggesting that Pyaar Ke Papad might shut down, I don’t believe in them. We all are hoping that the show stays on for a long time,” replied she, when asked about the same.

“As far as we are concerned, we are going well, with different twists and turns coming up. We are also shooting every day.”

Here Swarda says, “Doing comedy is tougher, for you need to hone your timing. I am trying to up my game by observing my co-artists who are past masters of the genre. I am too new in the comic space to say much, but yes, one thing is for certain, that it is easier to make someone cry than laugh.”

“I am also learning so much about the entire acting gamut from Akhilendra Mishra (on-screen dad), who though having been around for years, is very down to earth. In real life, he is very jovial, unlike his serious on-screen avatar.”

“The best part is that my on-screen chemistry with main male lead, Aashay Mishra, is being loved by the audiences.”

“We all have become so comfortable in our respective characters that we don’t need to discuss stuff before takes,” quips she.

In closing, Swarda says that she makes it a point to stay in touch with her Savitri Devi College & Hospital co-stars. “I don’t subscribe to the theory of being friends only till the show is on air. We do hang out whenever there is a break.”