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Fahmaan Khan who is seen in Mere Dad Ki Dulhan gets into a conversation with IWMBuzz.com.

We don’t feel morally degraded by the low ratings of Meri Dad Ki Dulhan: Fahmaan Khan

Good looking actor Fahmaan Khan is not very anxious at the low ratings of his Sony show, Meri Dad Ki Dulhan (DJ’s A Creative Unit) “I don’t get the rating game. People are watching our older couple (Varun Badola and Shweta Tiwari) romance, no wonder we get a flood of messages.”

“One should always follow your heart/conviction while making any creative product. We will not feel morally degraded by the falling ratings and change the story quality. People have their perceptions, and if we start looking at them, we will fall short in our above efforts. Luckily, our makers have told the entire set not to ponder on TRP but rather concentrate on our performances.”

Talking about his character Randeep, Fahmaan says, “This love interest of Niya (Anjali Tatari) and partner of Amber (Varun Badola) is someone closer to me in real life. He is fun-loving and cares a damn. Till now, I was getting more serious characters (Kya Hoga Amla Ka and Ishq Mein Marjawan), so this is again a new change for me.”

“The biggest necessity of this character was not to be camera conscious. Luckily for me, having been here for a bit, I now take to the lens as a fish takes to water.”

“Plus, having big and talented names like Varun Badola and Shweta Tiwari takes the show to a new high. The best part of our set is that we have a lot of impromptu additions to the script while rehearsing. Varun sir also knows that I will try to match up to his level; acting is all about giving and taking.”

“If we keep rating aside, our show has set a benchmark in an industry which otherwise thrives on intense drama. We, on the other hand, offer much more realistic and fun moments.”

“The desi audience too having matured up does not dig too much melodrama, no wonder we are getting word of mouth praise,” says this actor who will next be seen in Mannphodganj, produced by DJ’s.

“Our story is also essential for it shows people trying to bond with each other in a society which is getting more and more self-centered,” added Fahmaan.

“Last but not least, our story is not one-dimensional. Apart from the principle tracks (Amber –Guneet and Amber – Niya), there are several other independent stories (Randeep – Niya and Randeep – Amber etc) running parallel, adding heft to the narrative.”

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