Rajev Paul is happy and satisfied that his small move helped open the Mumbai bridge, the opening of which was put on hold as it needed a politician to inaugurate it.

I don’t mind being called publicity seeker, if my actions help the public: Rajev Paul

Talented TV actor Rajev Paul, currently seen in Star Bharat show, Jiji Maa has played an important part in getting a ready Mumbai bridge to open for public use. As we know, the bridge was not opened as a politician had to inaugurate it.

“The new Goregoan flyover is very close to where I live and its opening would save me and many of our fellow citizens a lot of precious east-to-west travelling time,” says the actor.

“I have been unsuccessfully writing about it and also meeting various politicians about this issue for a long time. This 500 meter bridge has been under construction for over 3 years now, which is too much. It should have been completed a while back,” he states.

Talking about the ready bridge not opened, he avers, “In this unfortunate scenario, to have a ready bridge still not being opened further upset me. Hence, when yesterday, a well-known newspaper carried a story about the same, I also tweeted about it, which got lots of traction. I even called the cops and asked whether it would be legal for me to remove the barricade and use the bridge, as it was complete.”

“Luckily, this news reached the Mayor, who, maybe fearing negative publicity, directed that the bridge be thrown open. I am glad I could play a small role in this. It is very important for celebs to use social media, to focus attention on important public issues.”

Here Rajev rejected the notion that he was doing this for publicity. “I am an army officer’s son and for me, my country comes first. I have been talking about various other issues, such as the Shivaji statue in the Arabian Sea, planned for years now (the estimated cost has ballooned up to INR 3200 cr from 100 cr, a decade back). My social media post on an issue with traffic signals was also successful, yet, that did not come in the media.”

“Despite this, if some people think I am doing this for publicity, it is fine. As long as the work gets done, I don’t get affected by such small talk.”

It is sad that bona fide actions also come under the scanner, for most actors sadly use SM for self-publicity and narcissistic activities.”

In closing, Rajev says he will never contest elections, “For party discipline prevents you from calling out certain bad actions. A neutral person, on the other hand, is free to criticize all wrongdoings, irrespective of which party is in power.”

Today, everything is so politicized that we forget that India comes before any political party. I am not against any outfit, for they too are committed to nation-building. There are bad elements in every party, but that does not besmirch the entire unit.”

Very well-said, Rajev!!

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