Narang is very unlike his character in Internet Wala Love, and does not believe in posting much on social media.

I don’t really need to go out of my way to impress people on social media: Shivin Narang

Shivin Narang, who is playing an internet-crazy RJ in the Colors show Internet Wala Love, is not very social media active in real life. “This is a personal thing. Being a private guy, I don’t feel the need to inform the world about what I am doing every other minute of the day. Many people are so obsessed with their SM image, that when they go to a restaurant, they will only order food tso that hey can post it on social media.”

“Rather, I share stuff only if have something to say or give a positive message to society. I also don’t feel right to just go rambling about stuff that doesn’t really mean anything. It gives out a bad impression according to me.”

“For a long while, I was satisfied with my FB, which allowed me to stay in touch with family and friends. Now, realizing the need to connect with fans, I have become more active on Insta as well, which is the new in-thing. These days, you are judged by your Instagram profile.”

“Again, I prefer Insta only to connect with my fans. I don’t like to use it to connect with real-life friends; for that I prefer phone or WhatsApp. I like to separate my personal and public self. Many of my friends and family, who too have got onto the Insta bandwagon, requested me to post more. So now I put up 10-15 posts, again depending on if I have to say something. Also, I feel I will post more, for that goes with my current character profile.”

“I also know that those fans that like me and get where I come from, will anyway follow me. I don’t need to really go out of the way to impress them. As an actor, it is more important for me to focus on my work rather than other stuff.”

Interestingly, unlike other actors, Shivin does not follow his industry colleagues on Insta. “This is nothing deliberate.”

In closing, Shivin says, “Apart from connecting with fans, SM today has become a big marketing and money-making tool if you boast large number of followers. There is a new creed of people who might not be actors, but have social media traction. Social media can also be an effective way for actors to network. I also was first noticed on FB by a casting guy, for my first project.”

Very well-said, Shivin!!

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