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Actor turned producer Kamya Punjabi talks about her short film Why Not Daughter

Every time I watch my short film Why Not Daughter, I cry: Kamya Punjabi

Kamya Punjabi, a popular TV face, who is known for her performances in TV shows like Maryada: Lekin Kab Tak, Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki among others, has turned a producer.

Recently, the actress produced a short film. Talking about the same, Kamya said, “My short film “Why Not Daughter” is about how our society perceives the birth of a daughter even today. It is about gender discrimination. Earlier, the birth of a girl child was not welcomed and it was in open and a known fact. However, now, people tell that we don’t believe in gender discrimination but yet it continues to be a part of our society.   I have presented in an extreme way. I have showcased that priorities of people are set: if it is a son he will handle everything and the daughter will one day leave the house and go to the in-law’s house. I have just presented the short film on this thought of society.”

When asked what made her choose such a concept, she shared, “This topic pushed me to become a producer. I never had any intention to become a producer. I am very happy with my acting career as I am very passionate about it. I am the mother of a girl child so I can feel it. Also, I have only spoken about things that have really touched my heart. I am not here to do business. I liked the subject and wanted to do it hence I did it. Every time I watch this film, I cry. Even my mother cried. It is really an emotional film. I think that if I weren’t a mother of a girl child then I would have not understood the concept. I could have acted in the film as well but I didn’t want a face which would have diverted audiences’ mind from the storyline. My focus was to showcase the story and concept.”

She further added, “I shot in Himachal. It is a short film but with a good budget. I believe in quality, creativity, and the subject. If I am talking about a small town in my film then I have to visit that place to understand everything which will enhance my short film. If I plan to produce something new then I would again pick a strong topic and explore more locations. Since the day I have launched my film, I am getting an amazing response from the fraternity and my actor friends. I am feeling good that audiences are loving it.”

On life after marriage, she shared, “Life is good after marriage. I have never been so happy, peaceful, and content in my life so it is a good change and I am loving it.”

Good luck Kamya on your new endeavor!

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