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I am very excited to be a part of Jammin as it was all about music & collaborating with industry’s legends: Darshan Rawal

Singer and composer, Darshan Rawal, who gained popularity after participating in India’s Raw Star in 2014, is on a roll. His track from Loveyatri track titled “Chogada” and “Kamariya” from Mitron has become a chartbuster. The singer talks about his journey in the music world.

Why did you choose to share your music on a digital platform instead of trying to go mainstream – which happens to be the way most choose?

The reason is my Daddy. He didn’t want me to pursue music, and I was not allowed to leave Ahmedabad. Hence, I started creating music and uploading it on YouTube… That is how I got recognized, and I was elated that I got an amazing fan following from not just India but around the world. And it was all because of the digital platform. Now we all have cell phones, and we are very much connected to digital platforms. So, it’s the most convenient way for a user to consume any kind of entertainment. So, for me, my viewers could connect to me very quickly, I would prefer that, and I would love to have a platform where they could get access to my music or me very quickly. So that’s the reason I preferred to put my music on the digital platform because it has a direct connection with my fans and audience.

Could you tell us a little bit about your musical journey?

I always have had passion been into music and not just as a singer, but I always wanted to make songs, compose songs, write them, sing them and feature in them. It was forever my dream to create music. But my father did not allow me to do so as I was studying, and he wanted me to complete my studies and wanted me to do something else. As never allowed me to come to Mumbai and to pursue my dreams, but I was very stubborn, and I fought and went against him. I put all my videos on Facebook. Slowly the videos got popular. I got an opportunity from a reality show. Came to the reality show and performed my original song. That’s what I do mainly. I think it was appreciated very well, people started knowing me. So gradually I started doing, more songs, more independent songs, more original songs and then into Bollywood. So that’s how the journey has been till now.

What was your first thought when you were approached for being a part of Jammin?

I was telling this to everybody that I have never learnt music from anybody. I have only learnt music by jamming with people, jamming with musician.  I am very excited to be a part of Jammin as it was all about music & collaborating with industry’s legends. I am very excited. Because In my life I have always learnt music by jamming, meeting people, talking to them, making music with them. That’s how I have learned music. So am very happy to be a part of the show.

What’s it like working with celebrated musicians from the world of Bollywood, as you have got two of biggest hit tracks of the year Chogada & Kamariya?

I think there’s a lot to learn from them. Their music has been loved by people from years. It has an absolute purity and the melody they have been giving to the audience. The people that I’m working with right now in Jammin, I think it’s a great experience. As I said, I am too young, and I keep on learning from them because one day I want to make songs which rule the generations which stay there for 25, 30, 40 years…

If there is an artist from the Jammin roster that you’d want to collaborate with for a Bollywood movie, who would you choose and why?

I have always been into melody and melody is my strongest point. I have been singing in different languages and different music I have done. So, if I wanted to do a Bollywood song, I would definitely want to do it with Rehman Sir. He’s also a man of melodies, and he has also done a lot of work in different languages, so somewhere the soul connects. My soul connects to his soul, and I think I would definitely do a song with him.

The show is now going to be broadcast on Sony Entertainment Television. How does it feel to go from digital to mainstream?

Oh, it really feels good. I feel great. It’s going to be a great honour to be on the platform, and I am thankful to Sony Television for giving me such an excellent opportunity to perform for people sitting right in front of the television.

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